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Monthly Archives: December 2011

After a week of waiting, we finally got the signed contract from the seller. Waiting to hear from the mortgage broker, he’s back at work though.


It has been a long journey looking for a new home for my family of four.

My husband and I have been to numerous open homes, looked up hundreds of listings, researched and compared half a dozen school districts, visited neighborhoods at night, during the weekend, during rush hour, at day during the week.   We talked to a dozen realtors, read blogs and articles about the home buying process, compared loans and lenders, got the documents that we would need to submit in order.

We started looking for homes when I was pregnant with our daughter and now she is a 20 month old. It was tough sometimes, touring homes with our 5 yr old son and the baby  in tow.  We would tour 6 or 8 homes sometimes, in one afternoon. Many weekends were spent just touring homes. The baby would  get cranky due to us taking her out of her carseat so many times, our son would  get bored. We would stop at a restaurant or a fast food place for a quick break.

Some homes that we saw, we absolutely loved and put in offers and lost, some homes we could not imagine living in the moment we got in the front door. In all we put in half a dozen offers, we lost some due to price, some due to conditions in our offer.

Finally we found a place that we both loved and it met almost all of our requirements, a good school, enough square footage, dream kitchen, big open family room, a manageable yard, good neighborhood, steps to the park and walking distance to the school, close to shopping, you name it, this home had it. We put in an offer and found out that there were 8 other people competing with us. We did not get the home. We were disappointed.

On the Saturday before thanksgiving , to our surprise we saw the house was back on the market, and was to have an open home that afternoon. We toured the home and put in an offer again, this time there was just one more offer competing with us. We waited and waited, but got no response, thanksgiving was spent going over the clauses, conditions and discussing if the offer price was enough to get us the home. The  Sunday after thanksgiving, we noticed that the seller had another open home and our heart sank.  We were sure that, our offer along with the other offer was rejected.  We contemplated taking a break from house hunting for a few months and start again during spring, that would let our son finish kindergarten, at his current school.

Then, Monday morning, my husband called from work, to say that our offer has been accepted, the first thing I felt was relief, there was no counter offer, no bargaining, no negotiation. The sellers agent had called our agent and simply said that they accepted our offer and that she would send the  paperwork shortly.  That was a week ago, this past week we have signed scores of documents, looked at contractors, inspectors and movers. We are still waiting to get the paperwork back from the seller and to hear from the loan agent about the loan( he’s on vacation).

Next up… inspection, fumigation,  a new roof maybe and best of all appliance shopping.