The deed was recorded at 10:45am the day before yesterday and we got the keys at 11:45am that morning. Our realtor called us to tell us about the deed transfer and an agent from the agency stopped by to hand over the key to the new place. And, suddenly it was all over and we were home owners from  house hunters.

The whole process took 60+ days from start to finish  and 100+ days if we count the number of days from the time of our first offer on the property.  And 3+ years if we count our entire house hunt. Yes it took 3 and 1/2 years to find a house that would become a future home for us.

The home is being fumigated as I write this post and the guy from the termite agency said that its okay to enter Monday evening. This property was a foreclosure, and vacant for the past few months, so there is dust and dirt and cobwebs in the closets. It needs a thorough cleaning before we can move in.  We hope to move in by Wednesday next week, as that our last day in the apartment after 4 extensions because of the loan.  Will keep everyone posted in real time along with pictures of the home.