We are going to hit the 100 day mark of living in this home in a week and I realized that I hadn’t even downloaded pictures of the home from the camera. So yesterday I sat down and did just that and then some more. I always organized pictures by occasion earlier, but then keeping track of them became a pain so I categorized them by month and year and its much much easier now. Now getting back to what this post is actually about a tour of our “makaan” as promised.

This folks is the Makaan of Roti Kapda aur Makaan.

Here’s another angle, please forgive the shadows.

This is our front porch. Our front door opens to a foyer and rooms branch off from it.

The living room and garage are to the right and left, they are both not visible in the picture. The door that you see to the left leads to the family room and the door straight ahead is the downstairs hall bath.

This is a picture of the living room.

Living room from foyer

Another view of the living room, this time from the kitchen looking towards the front window and foyer.

Living room from kitchen

One more view, this time  looking towards the wall opposite to the window wall.

The kitchen/dining area is beyond the living room and can be accessed via the hallway that runs through the foyer too. Here is the kitchen and dining room.

Here’s a view of the kitchen from the dining area.

The built in pantry

A close up of the dining room built-ins.

This is the family room.

Here’s a picture of the built-ins in the family room. They are on the wall opposite to the fire place.

View from Family room looking towards the kitchen.

Here’s another view from the family room, this time looking towards the foyer.

This is a picture of  the first floor hall bath, the door next to the shower leads to the laundry room.

This is a picture of my the backyard and it has my most favorite feature in the entire home, the deck.

This part of the backyard was  set up by the previous owners as a veggie and fruit growing area and we are going to keep it that way.

The only edible thing going on right there is a dwarf lemon tree ( on the left), and the whole area is an overgrown mess right now, but one of the first projects that we will take on.

BTW did you guys notice an explosion of gold? There are so many gold fixtures in the home that I sometimes wonder if I need sunglasses just to avoid the glare, but not to worry they are on my to do list to either change them or refinish them to bronze.

So, this concludes a tour of the first level of our home. I will be back next time with pictures of the second floor.