We’ve lived in our home for 100 days now and are completely loving it.

The floor plan is working perfectly for us, the school is good and a 5 minute walk through the park literally, the park is 2 doors down the street and a complete hit with the kids.

When the husband needs to work from home which is 3 days a week sometimes, there is enough room for him to work undisturbed without me having to ask the kids to keep the noise level down the entire time. The kids in turn have enough room to run, play, roll, jump, scream in short have fun.

But we know that there is a lot more that needs to be done to convert this dream house into our dream home.  So I made a list of all the things that I thought we needed to do. Some of those improvements are both important and urgent, some can wait and some are purely for style and comfort.

Here is a list of things that we came up with.

  1. Termite treatment. DONE ( Completed on move in day).
  2. Get a new roof.
  3. Paint- interior and exterior.
  4. Remove popcorn ceilings and texture from interior walls.
  5. Add recessed lights in the  living room, family room and kitchen.
  6. TV wall and media storage in family room.
  7. Replace carpet.
  8. New microwave  and trim for the built in cabinet.
  9. Remove the plants and shrubs under front window
  10. Remove weeds in the driveway and side yard
  11. Backyard landscaping ( new lawn, sprinklers, lights)
  12. Paint deck and fence
  13. Plant flowers in front yard
  14. Build  wooden platform to cover pipes in the front porch
  15. Clean and paint fireplace
  16. Change glass doors of the built-ins
  17. Refinish all fixtures from brass to bronze
  18. Install curtain rods
  19. Install new microwave and trim
  20. Create new office space.
  21. Plant a couple of fruit trees in the back yard.
  22. Convert the wall in sitting room into an office for the husband.
  23. Sew curtains.
  24. Organize garage and set up zones for work and play.
  25. Changing all bulbs to energy efficient
  26. Shelving in the garage
  27. Change light fixtures
  28. Remove shower door in upstairs hall bath and install shower curtain instead.
  29. Add shelving in the downstairs hall closet to make it into pantry/coat closet.
  30. Convert walk-in closet in the master bedroom sitting room to a sewing space.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and I will add to and update it as we go along.