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It has been raining all morning and it’s dark and deary. Its one of those days when although the tummy craves comfort food, it feels like an uphill task to go and make a soup or a dish that takes all day long.  The following is the dish I make during those times.  I call it the lazy days pasta.

Lazy days pasta

The dish is quite simple to make actually and a combination of fresh veggies, protein and the other items borrowed from the pantry. I have used asparagus, red, yellow and green bell peppers and onions for the veggies and shrimp for protein. A

lthough chicken or I suspect a firm fish would work too, but then that would not be an under 15 minute lazy days dish.

Veggies and protein

I used penne pasta ( that’s what I had in my pantry) and store bought alfredo and tomato sauce.

Items from the pantry

The way to make it is to start cooking pasta first.

Cook pasta

Then saute garlic in olive oil and onions in olive oil. I have used a couple of cloves here and slightly over cooked the onions, when I ran to get the door. Lesson to everyone, do as I say, not as I did. We don’t need them to brown, just turn translucent and soft.

Garlic and onions

Add asparagus and cook for a minute.


Add the veggies and cook for another minute.


Add the sauces. I’ve used about a cup of tomato sauce and 1/1th of a cup of alfredo sauce here.

Sauce and veggies

Add the shrimp, and let the sauce warm up.



Add drained pasta to the dish and mix.  I do not use any extra salt or black pepper to taste, except for the salt in the pasta water. You can adjust the seasoning according to your taste though.

Mix pasta with the veggies and sauce

And, there you have it possibly the simplest pasta dish after the microwave mac and cheese.

Lazy days pasta

I don’t have a picture of this dish in a bowl, because whenever I make this dish the family is very hungry to even wait for it to be transferred to a dish and served at the table. We just plate it straight from the wok.

I apologize for the bad quality pictures, will take better pictures of the dish next time and upload them.