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After our tree trimming and general clean up of the yard it was time to focus on the lawn. As I mentioned in the tree trimming post our lawn was bare and brown and the only green was the green from the spiky crabgrass and weeds growing there. Here’s a picture to remind you of what it looked before.

When it came to deciding on whether to get a new lawn or to just add grass seed, fertilizer, water and wait, the husband and I could not agree. While I wanted to do it by myself, he insisted that we get a landscaper to lay the new lawn even if it meant that it would cost more that way.  He won, by saying that the kids could have a new lawn by the end of the week instead of having to wait 3 or 4 weeks.

So we went from

to this,

to finally this,

and this, all in one day.

The kids have been enjoying their new lawn ever since. The play out in the lawn then move to the deck and splash around in the kiddie pool before heading for their bath and dinner.

We also added some mulch  to the veggie patch and planted some tomatoes, various colors of peppers, eggplant, zucchini and beans.  THis picture was taken before we planted them.

and the white stuff that you see are the flowers from the tree next to the kitchen window. I am using it as free  and organic fertilizer for the veggie patch.

Here are some more pictures of our new lawn.

Please forgive the lone flip flop and the broom in the next picture. They were left behind when the dad came home early and the kids ran to greet him.

BTW, did you guys notice that our deck needs a new paint job.

While I was researching on ways to clean and re paint a deck, I found out that we need to re-seal it first. Does any one know whats the best time to do this, i.e. before spring, before summer, during fall? Would really appreciate suggestions and tips on how to do this.


There was this barren tree in the backyard when we first toured our home and the husband and I both wondered what it was.  Then the gardener we hired to clean the backyard (did I mention that the home was a foreclosure and the backyard wasn’t maintained for around 6 months and was overgrown)  said that it was an apple tree and I’ve been waiting impatiently for any signs of life from it ever since. And look what happened a week ago after the storm.

Surprise in the apple tree

The tree was filled with flowers overnight.

For someone who grew up in a city, in a home that had no backyard and the only plants I’ve ever had in my home growing up were rose bushes in  pots on the balcony of our home.  Those are the only plants I knew how to take care of and rose bushes were the only ones I bought when the husband and I moved into our first apartment.

When we moved to a bigger apartment a couple of years later, I tried my hands at garlic, peppers and strawberries, but managed to keep only the strawberries alive and the fruit was never sweet and juicy.

This apple tree gives me hope, I’ve watched this tree for the past 5 months and there was nothing, and now suddenly it is blooming. It’s like there is a little heart inside the tree that keeps beating tick tock, tick tock, during the cold winter bidding time, not giving up, waiting for spring. I just wish that we humans all had the same resilience and perseverance and bounced back blooming from winters in our lives instead of withering out.

Now, the first thing the kids and I do when we wake up is to look outside our windows to check on the tree, my son has already requested apple jam and apple sauce and has even made a list of people who we need to share the fruit with. His gets so filled with excitement and sings Apple tree, apple tree, when will your apple fall on me?