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A while ago I had mentioned that our roof was on its last legs and needed replacement here.  Well we finally got it done last month and here’s picture of our brand new roof.

We got the terracotta color because we wanted it to match the color of our deck and because it complemented the yellow facade of our home really well. Here is a close up of the roof,

and a picture of our deck. Of course our deck needs a good scrub, a fresh coat of stain and some sealant.

The old roof was had much much more damaged that we had thought originally and the contractor said that we had done the right thing by replacing it this season as it probably wouldn’t have lasted 12 more months. The wood was literally falling apart. It was like powder in some places.

Can you see the rotten gutters in the picture below?

The wood shingles over this part of the damage looked okay, but we peeled then, we found holes in the roof.

The damage in the above picture is located to the right of the living room. Look what happened to the ceiling in the living room from water leaking through the damaged roof.

That’s water damage and yes I know we have popcorn ceilings. I still haven’t found a lab that I like to do the asbestos testing and even if it turned out that we do not have asbestos in the ceiling, removing this popcorn is way down on my list.  So, we went from this, a bland boring roof,

to this when we literally had no roof,

to this,

and finally this.

Now that we got the major things that we couldn’t do ourselves out of the way, its time to focus on the fun stuff.

BTW, I would be eternally grateful if anyone can direct me to a good video or tutorial on how to insert a window screen back into the window. The old screen was torn and had been taken out by the previous homeowners. Buying a whole roll of the screen to replace the torn part seemed like a waste of money, because the roll of screen material came to more than twice what a pair of new screens costed. But, I haven’t been able to insert them at all even after trying for hours. The few videos that I came across haven’t really been helpful. So if anyone has any suggestions, please please do throw them my way.


Hi there,

First a picture of our new home.

The "Makaan" of Roti Kapda aur Makaan

So we’ve lived in the house for close to 3 months now and are finally settling in. Almost all of the boxes have been unpacked even though many things are not in there final homes yet and are always being moved around. We also haven’t bought any furniture yet, ( although I’ve been visiting furniture stores and craigslist frequently) is for a couple of reasons.

The first reason bring that this time around I simply do not want to add furniture to the home without any consideration to design and aesthetics  and second being that we wanted to get a new roof before we started spending money on other things.

This home was a bank owned foreclosure and we knew before we bought the home that its roof would need replacement and it would have to happen SOON. Every time it rained we would cringe and pray that the roof not leak, this was especially true after the last storm that brought hail to the Bay Area.

Hail deposited by the storm last week

Now I know that this is not a lot, but for a roof that has missing shingles and two people who do not know a lot yet about roofs and repair of roofs, it was scary.

So we finally got our free estimates done and chose a new roof for our home. We are going with this brand of roof called Certain Teed and are having it installed next week. Hopefully with the roof taken care of we can focus on the other million things that need to be taken care of in the home.