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One of the first things I did after our move in was to set up my son’s room. Although he was excited about the new home and couldn’t wait to live in it, I knew that he was upset about having to leave his school and his best friend behind. I wanted to make the transition from the old home to the new house, old school to the new school, going from playing with your best friend for hours every day to seeing him once in two weeks, as easy as possible.  So, I unpacked all of his stuff before anything else and this is how we set up the space.

A place to sleep and do homework,

and a place to play with the trains he loves so much or to relax with a book.

The room is still very basic, almost spartan, but it serves it’s purpose as a place for him to go to when he needs to sleep, study, play or just a place to get away from it all and unwind.  I did not buy any new furniture or decor items for his room,  everything in there is stuff that we already own. The bed is part of a bunk bed that we bought for him last year when he turned five, but had to dismantle and use as two twin beds when his sister figured a way to get on the top bunk. The table and chair were originally in my sewing corner at our apartment, but I felt that they coordinated really well with the blue Thomas & friends bedding and his toy storage system. The soccer ball chair was purchased along with the bunk bed, the night light was  purchased few months ago, the blue rug from our apartment and the lamp a gift from a friend. The closet does not contain any of his stuff and hides my fabric stash and sewing supplies.

Here is another view of his room,

and another,

and one more.

Did you notice the amount of sunlight this room gets.  It’s one of the brightest rooms in the home. Although I love the bright and airy feel of the room, the blinds don’t block out all of the light when it’s time for bed but still not dark outside, so we have to work on kid friendly curtains or some other way to block out the light when we want to.

Also did you guys notice that he does not have his clothes in his room, they are in a dresser in the master bedroom and will stay there until we figure out what to do with the closet or have some kind of storage for them here. So that’s all for now, but I can’t wait to start working on his room again and share the updates.